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In-Home Lessons was the First Organization to Match Music Teachers of ALL Different Types of Instruments (including Voice & Singing) with Students for Private In-Your-Home Music Lessons! For those of you looking for the convenience of not travelling to a Music Studio every week, our Music Teachers drive to your home. For those of you looking for In-Studio Music Lessons, Magic Music can also try to match you with Lessons located at one of our Teachers' Private Studio locations.

Our Teachers Are Experienced Teaching Students of ALL Ages and ALL Skill Levels, Beginners to Advanced!

Magic Music selects only the most masterful and professional Music Teachers for our music program. Our Teachers are some of the most fun, caring, patient, and educated in town, and have extensive teaching and performance experience. Most of Magic Music’s Teachers have Bachelor, Master, or PhD Degrees in music, and are recipients of numerous prestigious awards and scholarships. Some of our Amazing Music Teachers are even Grammy®-Nominated and Grammy® Winners! Our experienced Teacher selection process has ensured that most of Magic Music’s Students stay with the first Teacher we match them with for many years!

*We Also Offer Music Lessons For All Instruments And Voice Lessons Through 'SKYPE' & 'Google Hangouts'!

***Magic Music offers the highest quality Guitars and Violins for Sale! Ask us about our interest-free RENT-TO-OWN option! Only $25.00+tax added to your monthly Music Lessons Tuition so that after a few months you completely OWN your Brand New Guitar or Violin!***

*The prices published within the Tuition Chart below apply to most Instrument Lessons and Most City Locations as published on our home page. Prices may sometimes vary per Instrument and Location. Our office will contact you if there is a price variance in your area after we receive your online Enrollment Form*

Magic Music In-Home LessonsMonthly Tuition Rates
Annual Enrollment Fee: $35.00 Per Student. *This fee is only charged to your account after your first officially enrolled lesson, when you decide to continue lessons after you purchase any Trial Lessons. $35.00 Annual Enrollment Fee Paid After First Lesson & Paid Every September at the beginning of each School Year / Fall Semester.
30 Minute Weekly Lessons *Many Music Programs Require Students Over The Age Of 5 Years To Enroll In A Minimum Of 45 Minutes, However, Magic Music Allows The 30 Minute Tier For All Ages If Needed. $130.00 Per Month
45 Minute Weekly Lessons $180.00 Per Month
1 Hour Weekly Lessons $250.00 Per Month
Want to get to know your Music Teacher before you officially enroll?
You May Purchase Trial Lessons As Follows:
$32.50 for each 30 Minute Trial Lesson
$45.00 for each 45 Minute Trial Lesson
$62.50 for each 60 Minute Trial Lesson

Magic Music In-Home Lesson & Billing Policies

In order to provide the best service possible, it is important that every client and student fully understand and agree with the policies of Magic Music.

Our website is updated daily, so please be sure to stay tuned to our site as often as possible! Lesson policies are subject to updates at any time. A student's initial and continued enrollment in the Magic Music school indicates the client and student acceptance of the Magic Music policies.

Online enrollment is open 365 days per year. There are no contracts to sign and no long-term commitments. Our staff of teachers can accommodate most student schedules, day or night, and teach 7 days per week. Let us know what days and times are best for you so we can assign a teacher who can accommodate your schedule. Once your enrollment is complete, we will assign a teacher to you and have the teacher contact you directly, usually within one to seven days in order to set a schedule. We will also email you the teacher contact info so you can always have his or her info handy in case you ever need to cancel or re-schedule a lesson in the future. If you do not receive our enrollment confirmation email from us, please check your spam mailbox and spam filters, and/or email us so we can re-send it to you. Students are under no obligation to continue lessons with the same teacher as students may choose to continue their music studies with a different teacher from our program at any time.

Once a teacher is assigned, students and parents (if applicable), are expected to communicate directly with their Magic Music teachers during the first lesson and on an ongoing basis to agree upon short-term and long-term learning goals, including those pertaining to style of music to be learned, comprehension, theory, practice times, music learning materials to be purchased, etc. From the very beginning, all students will simultaneously learn to play their instrument and learn to read music and music theory. It is recommended that students schedule a minimum amount of practice time every day in between lessons, and enter their practice times in a log book.

Students are always encouraged to learn the music styles and music songs/pieces that they enjoy the most.

It is not unusual for customers to wish to schedule music lessons for additional family members some time after a first student is enrolled in our program. In these cases, the customer must submit an additional online enrollment form or email our office to officially enroll each additional student. (It is not sufficient to only let your teacher know about the additional enrollments).

Magic Music offers private one-on-one lessons for the best quality instruction. Since no two students learn music at the same pace, and since no two students practice the exact same amount in-between lessons, Magic Music does not normally offer semi-private or group lessons. If you would like group music lessons provided for your private in-home lessons, home school, private school, or daycare, please contact our office to request special arrangements.

Students who wish to prepare for and enter various types of music competitions are welcome to do so with the help of their Magic Music teachers upon specific request directly to their teachers. Students and clients are welcome to coordinate with their Magic Music teachers directly to contact local, state, national, and international music associations for assistance with competitions.

Magic Music may sometimes offer optional music concerts (recitals) that are held at the end of the Fall, Spring, and / or Summer semesters. Students are encouraged to attend and perform at the Student Concerts, but are not required to perform or attend. Please stay tuned to the NEWS page of our website for the latest concert dates, times, and locations. Please note that as a courtesy to the students and teachers performing, cell phones, infants, and toddlers are not allowed in the concert halls. Many Magic Music teachers also sometimes hold their own private concerts for their students, so please be sure to coordinate directly with your teacher about these performance opportunities.

Our tuition payment terms are on a monthly basis, not on a per-lesson basis. Once a day of the week is chosen for ongoing lessons, each student will receive either 4 or 5 lessons per month, depending on the amount of times that particular day falls during the weeks in that month. The student and teacher will create an advanced schedule for all lessons on the calendar for each month which will also indicate Holidays and Vacations. Holidays will include the weeks of New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. During a holiday month, students will have a minimum of 3 lessons. It is understood that the months where students receive 5 lessons adjust for the months where students receive 3 lessons due to holidays.

All initial schedules as well as future scheduling changes are made between the student and the teacher directly rather than the student and our office staff. All students and clients must email and call their teachers directly in order to cancel or change a lesson. Do not contact the Magic Music office to cancel or change a scheduled lesson. Please call your Magic Music Teacher directly.

*Our system charges students for 4 lessons per month. *Lessons missed by Students are non-refundable. *When Students have vacations scheduled, we ask that the Students please email our office before the first day of the vacation month in order to adjust / pro-rate the charges during vacation months. *If and when a Teacher gives a 5th week lesson during a month that has 5 weeks, our system tracks the 5th week lessons and the Teachers apply the 5th week as a make-up lesson for a future holiday week off. *The Teachers and Students are asked to please communicate to come to a mutual agreement as to which holiday weeks to apply the past and future 5th week lessons to. *Also, if the Teachers and Students prefer, the Teachers can simply give a flat 4 lessons per month.


Tuition for each month is pre-paid at the beginning of that same month by credit card. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, & American Express cards are accepted. Magic Music does not accept Cash or Checks. Our system will automatically charge your account during the first week of the month. Payment is due by the 10th of every month. Even though the number of lessons may vary from month to month, the tuition will be the same. When a student's first lesson with Magic Music occurs in the middle of a month, the student will only be charged a pro-rated amount to cover the lessons and weeks in that time frame, with regular billing beginning during the first week of the following month. Students may arrange in advance for a more flexible class and billing schedule during months when vacations are planned by emailing our offices before the first day of the vacation month. Due to the high demand for our teachers, and since many of our teachers are completely booked, a student who takes off for more than two weeks may not be guaranteed a spot with the same teacher upon return. Students are therefore encouraged to continue lessons during the entire summer if the students wish to continue with the same teachers during the following Fall semester. A cancelled lesson by the customer is billable. A cancelled lesson by the teacher can be re-scheduled with a make-up lesson or can be deducted from customer's bill on the following month's invoice if there is no substitute teacher. If a lesson is missed due to inclement weather, the student and the teacher should arrange for a make-up lesson. If a make-up lesson due to inclement weather cannot be arranged, the student will receive a credit for the lesson missed on the following month's invoice. A late fee of $20.00 will be added to the next statement if tuition was received after the 10th of the month. Two consecutive months of late payment will be grounds for Magic Music to cancel all future lessons. Please be sure that your credit card account number and expiration date on file are always current. Failure to receive an invoice for goods or services does not waive customer responsibility to pay current amount due on time, and does not waive late fee obligations. All past due invoices may be forwarded by Magic Music to the District Attorney's Office for Theft of Services, and forwarded to an outside Collections Firm for Collection Processing.

If you ever have any questions regarding your payments or billing please email our offices directly as our teachers do not handle or discuss payment issues.


A non-refundable enrollment fee of $35 applies for each student and is due after each student has been successfully matched with a teacher and has had the first lesson. The enrollment fee is again applied every September at the beginning of each Fall Semester (for students who enrolled on or after 10/14/08). There is a separate concert fee charge of $20.00 per student for all student concerts that students perform in to help cover the costs of trophies, programs, emcees, etc. Certain books, instruments and other learning materials can be rented or purchased by the student through Magic Music. Once the student and the teacher agree upon instruments and learning materials to be rented or purchased, the teacher will place an order through our offices. Our offices will in turn conveniently charge the student's account for the learning materials.


Computerized monthly statements can be emailed or mailed to clients the first week of each month if requested. Payment is due by the 10th of every month. Past due payments will incur a $20 late fee.


Lessons missed by the teacher will be re-scheduled if there is no substitute teacher. Lessons missed by students will not be re-scheduled or deducted.


Client must contact the Magic Music office if client wishes to discontinue taking lessons. Our office requires a two-week written notice; otherwise the remaining tuition is non-refundable. Under special circumstances, client may be asked to discontinue lessons with Magic Music. In this case, client will be refunded the remaining tuition fee. If client fails to pay tuition fees, no additional lessons will be provided. Magic Music may immediately cancel all future lessons if any student or client behaves in a disrespectful manner towards any teacher or staff member of Magic Music.


All Magic Music Teachers have undergone and passed background checks. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian home during the entire duration of the lesson. Teachers cannot teach in student homes where smoking occurs inside of the home. In order for our teachers to provide the best quality lessons, the area in which lessons are held must be free of sound from televisions, radios, telephones, computers, other persons in the home, etc. In the event that your teacher cannot arrive during the scheduled lesson time, Magic Music may assign a substitute teacher to cover the scheduled lesson.

Magic Music does not share any of your enrollment and personal information with any third parties. All data is securely held in our private database system with the utmost serious attention to privacy and security.

***Share your Magic Music experiences with your family and friends, and whenever anyone mentions your name at time of enrollment, you will receive a $25.00 referral credit on your tuition for every Student that enrolls in our Music Program!