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Music Production

Magic Music Offers Music Production, Beat Making, & Music Engineering In Numerous Cities Across The U.S.

We also offer instruction on numerous types of music production software, such as:

Nuendo & Cubase.

Please contact Magic Music for information about our Music Production Services and Lessons in your city. We will work to try to match you with an Expert in Music Production who can either come to your home or office, or can help you at his or her Music Studio in your area.

Production: A Music Producer helps the Artist(s) develop their sound. In this step melodies, harmonies, lyrics, song structure, arrangement and overall orchestration of the songs are discussed and demoed.

Recording: Ideas stored on tape or hard disk.

Mixing: In mixing, the Artist and Producer create a sonic palate by balancing out your instruments and adding effects. Mixing combines multiple tracks and sums or mixes them to a two track stereo format. This step results in an audio CD.

Mastering: Mastering is the final fine-tuning creative step to get a CD ready for pressing. Mastering adjusts EQ, and edits and sequences songs to create consistency throughout the album. Are you looking for some additional punch and crispness? Do you want your CD to jump out of the speakers? Mastering helps achieve these things and enhances your music.

Digital Restoration: Remove clicks and pops along with unwanted noise from the musical source (usually vinyl or cassette) and have the digitally restored versions transferred to CD. You'll be amazed at what today's technology can do to enhance old or rough recordings.

Please feel free to contact Magic Music for more information about getting started with our Music Production Services and Lessons!